Memory & Aging

Memory & Aging

As we age, our cognitive abilities unfortunately decline. These deficits can range from experiencing mild cognitive impairment to having Alzheimer’s disease. Since memory loss can be a normal part of aging, it is important for a physician to determine when the decline is more than expected for your age.


Symptoms can include:

– Difficulty with independently completing daily functions;

– Impairment in memory, language, and/or psychomotor activity;

– Behavioral or emotional difficulties.


In order to determine the depth of impairment, our doctors will conduct a full evaluation, including gathering collateral information from family members and caregivers. Additionally, a complete medical history will be obtained to assess symptom progression and severity, as well as determine family biology.  Our office will work with you or your loved one in gathering all pertinent information to ensure a comprehensive evaluation occurs.

Following the assessment, the physicians will use pharmacologic options shown to help improve cognition, as well as teach behavioral techniques and exercises, when applicable. Furthermore, environmental changes may be recommended, including simplifying daily tasks and increasing routine. Referrals also can be made to support organizations.

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