Home Detox


Many people addicted to alcohol or drugs want help, but may not know where to turn. Patients also may be concerned with the discomfort associated with withdrawal symptoms or do not wish to obtain treatment through traditional forms (e.g., rehab facility, group therapy). It is critical, however, to detox under medical supervision so that the addiction can be overcome safely and successfully. This is why we offer in-home detox, during which the psychiatrist will help the patient manage the withdrawal stages from alcohol and other substances in a private and more comfortable setting. This type of service allows our experts to provide individualized care that can drastically improve the patient’s chances of a successful recovery.


Why do in-home detox?

  • Cost effective: You will only be paying for the services you require and are not paying for additional facility costs.
  • Expertise: A physician with expertise in this area will evaluate you, as opposed to a nurse or counselor evaluating you during the admission process to a facility.
  • Individual therapy: We will treat you in an individual setting, which will allow your treatment to be tailored to your specific needs and stop the cycle of addiction, as opposed to treatment occurring primarily in group settings.
  • Coordination of care: We will make arrangements for home health care and coordinate with other family members throughout the process.
  • Contributing factors: We will identify other underlying mental disorders that are often missed in typical rehab centers and treat these as well.
  • Natural setting: Patient’s often find it difficult to transition back to situations that trigger abuse. Treatment in a natural setting allows for learning how to deal with these stressors.
  • Continued care: After the initial detoxification process, we will continue to provide therapy as often as needed.