Elyssa Sisko, B.A., CCRC

Clinical Research Coordinator, TMS Operator, Infusion Coordinator, Phlebotomist


In 2011, Elyssa joined AMHC after graduating from Rollins College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  Her special interests include chronic illness, genetic testing, and statistical analysis of TMS. She assists with advertisement and verifying documentation for the clinical trials.

Elyssa has unparalleled experience with both rTMS and dTMS. She was an operator for the dTMS clinical trial for FDA approval for depression. She also has familiarity treating TMS patients affected by Parkinson’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis, bipolar depression, bipolar mania, anxiety, panic, OCD, depression, and chronic pain. Elyssa helps research TMS treatment outcomes for bilateral vs. unilateral treatment, 10 Hz vs. 20 Hz treatment protocol for depression, and a bipolar case study.